Renting A Dumpster? 3 Questions You May Have About It


If you are doing a home renovation project, a dumpster is very handy to have throughout the process. You'll not have to bother with bagging up waste and taking it to the curb on garbage day, since everything can be tossed directly into the dumpster to save you from unnecessary hassle. Before you rent, you may have some questions about how dumpster rentals work. What Kind of Time Limit Is There?

25 May 2016

Three Signs You Should Have Your Septic Tank Pumped


When your septic tank is working properly, you shouldn't even have to think about it. The tank should do its job without any effort or concern on your part. However, in order to keep your tank functioning in this manner, you'll need it have it pumped periodically. This will remove the excess solid waste built up in the bottom of the tank, ensuring there is enough space for liquid to keep flowing in.

4 February 2016