Renting A Dumpster? 3 Questions You May Have About It


If you are doing a home renovation project, a dumpster is very handy to have throughout the process. You'll not have to bother with bagging up waste and taking it to the curb on garbage day, since everything can be tossed directly into the dumpster to save you from unnecessary hassle. Before you rent, you may have some questions about how dumpster rentals work.

What Kind of Time Limit Is There?

Dumpster rentals provide great flexibility when it comes to your rental terms. It's common to be allowed to rent a dumpster for the length of time that you need. There may be different rental periods that would need to be extended, such as a week by week basis, but you shouldn't need to feel worried about a dumpster being taken away from you because your project ran longer than you expected it to.

Do Dumpsters Need To Be Placed on a Specific Type of Surface?

The dumpster rental company will roll the dumpster off of their truck and typically leave it on a concrete surface area. It helps make the drop off and pick up a breeze due to easy access. Unfortunately, this may not be an option if you have a narrow driveway and need access to the garage.

Dumpsters can be placed on any type of surface, but be aware of the damage that it can cause to your grass. You should have some boards to lay down underneath the legs of a dumpster, which will help evenly distribute the weight on the grass and prevent damage from occurring.

Are Certain Materials Prohibited From Being Put In A Dumpster?

Check with your dumpster rental company to find out what materials are not allowed to be thrown in their dumpster. Some common restrictions include:

  • Motor Oil – Old motor oil can be reused after being refined. Look into recycling this material at a local auto shop instead of tossing it.
  • Batteries – The acid can leach out of the battery casing and make its way into the ground, which is not great for landfills. Your city should have a battery recycling program.
  • Lead Paint – Any paint that is water based is okay to throw away, but lead paints may have a specific disposal process depending on state laws.
  • Asbestos – Similar to lead paint, this material will have a disposal procedure that must be followed. Not doing so could lead to a hefty fine or jail time.

For more questions about renting a dumpster, reach out to a roll-off dumpster company, such as ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services. 


25 May 2016

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